• Outdoor only, due to Covid restrictions!

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • A fun and festive celebration of spring in the heart of Kingston WA.


    50 US dollars
  • starting January 2022 Treat yourself to a 30 minute body celebration!

    30 min

    100 US dollars
  • Portraits of your furry/feathered/scaly friend (you can join in too!)

    30 min

    80 US dollars
  • Now booking for June 2021 subject to change

    8 hr 2 min

    $50/hour (2 hr min)
  • 2 hr

  • Covid restrictions may apply!

    8 hr

    680 US dollars




"As a disabled queer person I was incredibly grateful for Ashley's ability to create a shooting environment which felt not just safe but also celebratory, truly embracing all the aspects of my otherness rather than hiding or concealing them. Ashley's skill as a photographer lies in her ability to capture life and motion in a frozen image, bringing forth her subject's inner fire as though they were dancing. Modeling for Ashley felt joyful, safe, and profoundly honoring, and the end results were photo shoots that truly captured and even enhanced the beauty and wonder of my sacred otherness."


Crazydiamond Babe

"I have done two implied nude photoshoots with Ashley. They were my first ones and I felt so comfortable. I love the creative themes and showing the body in a positive way. The results were amazing and empowering. My mother saw my set from the American Beauty set and she said it was the most empowering image of Beauty and Motherhood. Thank you for capturing a unique side of me. I look forward to making more art with Ashley."



Josh Schultz

"Ashley Ann Studios has been a blast to work with. My first photo shoot was done with her and it was amazing. I had absolutely no experience and was made to feel comfortable right away. As a Gender Non Conformist finding an artist who was able to do this was phenomenal. Since then I have worked with Ashley one other time and hope to do so many more times in the future."